2023. October 18.

SK On has been awarded a share of first place in the “Change The World” list published by Fortune magazine. Fortune published its “Change the World” list for 2023 on 27 September this year. It ranks companies that are making a positive impact on the world through their business, social responsibility and sustainability efforts.

This year, four companies share the top spot, with SK On, Tesla, General Motors and Charge Point taking the imaginary top step. These four companies – The American Elecrtifiers – are the ones that have done the most to promote electric car ownership, a crucial step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and global climate change.

Each year since 2015, the magazine has ranked around 50 companies in its “Change theWorld” ranking based on their positive impact on society and the environment. SK On is the only South Korean company on the list in 2023, beating well-known global giants such as Walmart (3rd place), Apple (15th place) and Microsoft (24th place). This is the first time in the history of the list that a battery manufacturer has been ranked at the top of the podium the previous best ranking (3rd place) was achieved by China’s BYD in 2019.

Fortune described the four companies that shared the top spot as “those who have spearheaded the electric car revolution in one of the world’s most important missions to achieve zero emissions”. SK On, along with the other three companies, “is leading the way to transition the United States and the world to electric vehicles.”

SK On is a global leader in battery manufacturing with an annual production capacity of 47.5 Gigawatt hours (GWh) at its two Hungarian factories in Komárom and Iváncsa. Their mission in our country is also to create a cleaner and more comfortable world thanks to electric cars.

SK On has been one of the fastest growing global battery companies in the last five years, a prominent player in the industry, doubling its revenues thanks to the cutting-edge technology. The company’s achievements this year have been recognized by Fortune and others, including winning the “Best of Innovation” award at CES, the world’s largest IT electronics trade show, and a bronze medal at the Edison Awards, the US’ most outstanding innovation program.

SK On is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility to develop battery technologies that contribute to the environment. It is working to develop high-efficiency, high-capacity batteries that are safe, fast-charging and long-lasting. With these, the company can indirectly contribute to minimizing air pollution caused by CO2 emissions.

SK On also plays an important role in the SK Group’s plans to be at the forefront of the green business and achieve its carbon neutrality targets.