2023. May 26.

SK On Hungary is committed to paying particular attention to the preservation of the state of the environment during its activities. To this end, the company held a voluntary waste collection event in Komárom, in which 45 employees of the battery manufacturing company participated.

Komárom, 26 May 2023 – This is not the first time SK On Hungary has organised volunteer activities to pick up garbage since a similar event was already held at the company in 2022. At that time, the employees of the company cleaned part of the Komárom section of the Danube. As the event was very popular among the employees of SK On Hungary, there was no question that the event would be held again in the near future.

This time, the waste collection event took place within the administrative boundaries of Komárom again since SK On Hungary had already committed itself to the preservation and protection of the state of the environment when the foundation stone was laid for its plant. The employees of the company were happy to join the event, which took place on Friday, 19 May 2023, once again. In order for SK On Hungary to draw the attention of as many people as possible to the cleanliness of the environment and the collection of discarded garbage, the employees of the company began the event wearing baseball caps and vests displaying the symbolic colors of SK On Hungary.

Starting from the park called Jókai liget, located in Komárom, the employees dressed in “SK yellow-orange” colors tried to collect as much garbage as possible since the company’s communication team had announced a competition; so those who collected the most amount of garbage received a reward. During the event, there was a passer-by from Komárom who expressed their gratitude for the volunteer activites: “Recently, there have been quite a few events in the park, so we can see a lot of garbage there. Thank you for coming here and collecting the garbage.”

Spring had just arrived, and it was a particularly favourable time for the event, which was an undivided success among the employees of SK On Hungary and in terms of the amount of collected garbage as well. The fact that Mr Moon Hang-ki, the CEO of SK On Hungary, and Mr Suh Kyungho, the deputy chief executive, also took part in the activities provided extra motivation for the employees of the company.

“Our company has always been committed to environmental protection and environmental awareness,” said Moon Hang-ki, CEO of SK On Hungary. “We consider it is important to pay attention to everything that surrounds us, not only inside our factory buildings but also outside them, and to protect environmental values. This is one of the reasons we continue to organize these volunteer activities, and I can confidently say that many of our colleagues participated in the activities. It is part of our company culture to do our job in a clean environment in addition to strict compliance with and enforcement of the rules. We wanted to promote this approach outside of the fences of SK On Hungary as well by holding a volunteer activities in Komárom with the participation of our colleagues. I would also like to thank our more than forty-five colleagues who contributed to the realisation of this great event and set an example by displaying the values represented by SK On Hungary to the people of Komárom. I am confident that in the future, we will be able to contribute in more and more ways to the preservation of such timeless “treasures” as a clean environment, sustainability, and a global way of thinking about our environment.”

Attila Tóth, manager of the Komárom Industrial Park, was present during the event on behalf of the Municipality of Komárom and said the following about the event: “I would like to thank you not sparing your valuable time and energy you organised this event in order to protect the environment. SK On Hungary plays an omnidirectional role for the local community in addition to corporate activities.”

Meanwhile, SK On Hungary has organized more than four times of voluntary blood donations since last year with the Hungarian Red Cross’s Komárom–Esztergom County Organization. SK On Hungary emphasized that our goal is to fulfill the role as a ‘corporate citizen’ by communicating with the local community and carrying out continuous social contribution activities. SK On Hungary will carry out various social contribution activities such as environment, education, and health-related activities in the region in the future.