To this day, SK Innovation has been actively engaging in petroleum production across the globe. As Korea’s first successful developer of LiBS, it has kept its edge in both the information and electronic material industry, and the automotive sector. SK Energy is Korea’s number one refinery, while our chemicals subsidiary, SK Global Chemical, has been at the forefront of innovation in the petrochemical industry. SK Lubricants supplies high-quality base oils to over 50 countries and finished lubricant products to 25.

SK Innovation started the development of lithium-ion batteries for hybrid electric vehicles in 2005 and moved on to production in 2006. The first milestone came in 2010, when we were selected as a battery provider for Hyundai’s BlueOn, Korea’s first electric vehicle, and Kia’s Ray. Only a year later, we started supplying batteries to SLS AMG E-Cell, the first electric supercar of Mercedes-AMG. This is how SK Innovation has become a proven, trusted and widely used partner for automakers across the globe.

Technology, production:

SK on Hungary is SK Innovation’s first European battery plant to produce third-generation battery cells for Global auto maker using pouch technology. The geographical location of the city – the proximity of the German and Czech, as well as Slovak and domestic automotive plants, as well as the proximity of logistics routes -, the availability of skilled and experienced workforce and the attractive offer of state investment played a decisive role in the selection of the Komárom production site.

Battery cells are manufactured through three major technological processes: Electrode, Assembly, and Formation. The product of the Electrode is the anode and cathode electrode, which is placed in a reel in the Assembly, where the cell is assembled in four major steps. The semi-finished product leaving the Assembly process acquires its final shape and characteristics during the Formation, the latter by charging and recharging.

Awards, recognitions:


“Technical Incentive Investment Award”
(HIPA Investor Of The year)


“Company Of The Year For Job Creation Award”
(HIPA Investor Of The year)


“County Representative Enterprise Award”
(Komárom Esztergom County for local community contribution


“Supplier of the Year 2022”
(Award from Autós Nagykoalíció (ANK) and Járműipar.hu)

“Largest Greenfield Investment of the Year”
(HIPA Investor of the Year)

Social responsibility (CSR) activity:


Donation of total HUF 15 million
To social, health and fire safety public foundations
in Komárom  (in two parts)


Donation of USD 50 thousand (HUF 16 million)
To Komárom city for supporting COVID-19 measures


Tree Planting
First volunteer day nearby the industrial park of Komárom and the residential area


Donation of total HUF 15 million
To Iváncsa civil organizations supporting (in two parts)


Donation of total HUF 1 million
To Hungarian Red Cross, for Ukrainian refugees in Komárom city

Plogging at the Danube riverside
Second volunteer day nearby the industrial park of Komárom









& status

1st Site
(Production operational)



SK on Hungary Kft.




HUF 97.5 billion
(EUR 313 million)

Production capa

& Number

of lines

7.5 GWh / year
5 Production lines



95 527 m2


Appx. 1,300

SKOH company history:


Decision on the location of SK Innovation’s first European battery plant


FEBRUARY – Start of construction
MARCH 7. – Groundbreaking ceremony


MARCH –  Training of the engineer and shift supervisors in South Korea
JULY – Start of mass recruitment
SEPTEMBER –  Completion of production line 1 and 2 setup
OCTOBER – SOP (Start of production) of production line 1 and 2
DECEMBER – First Shipment (Global OEM)


JANUARY – Start of 24/7 operation
APRIL – Completion of the production line 3 setup
JULY – Start of production line 4 and 5 setup


JANUARY – Announcement of the third Hungarian investment (Iváncsa, Fejér county)


SK On Hungary Kft.


2903 Komárom, Irinyi János utca 9.



H-2454 Iváncsa, Ipari Park


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