2022. October 6.

On September 27 (local time), SK held a ceremony at Iváncsa City Hall to deliver a donation to the local public foundations in Iváncsa, Hungary, where its third electric vehicle (EV) battery plant in Europe is currently under construction. The ceremony was attended by Krisztián Molnár – Governor of Fejér, Molnár Tibor – Mayor of Iváncsa, Moon Hang-ki – CEO of SK On Hungary, and other representatives from the beneficiary foundations.

This is the second delivery of SK On’s donation Iváncsa, following the first delivery in 2021. Over the last two year, the company has donated a total of 15 million forints (about USD 50,000) to contribute to the growth of local community in Iváncsa. The beneficiaries are four public foundations: Iváncsa City Public Foundation (Iváncsáért Közalapítvány), Our Children Foundation (Gyermekeinkért Alapítvány), Iváncsa City Large Families Association (Iváncsai Nagycsaládosok Egyesülete), and Rivalda Musical Foundation (Rivalda Musical és Színházi Stúdió).These foundations use SK On’s financial support to improve the local environment in Iváncsa, support education and cultural activities for the youth, and provide daily necessities of the underprivileged.

▲CEO of SK On Hungary Moon Hang-ki (second from right in the right photo) attends a meeting with representatives of Iváncsa at Iváncsa City Hall, Hungary, on September 27 (local time)

“Our foundation has a history of 30 years, and we are currently supporting about 300 kindergarten and elementary students in Iváncsa, from the ages of 3 to 14,” said Császárné Viló Judit, President of the Our Children Foundation, at the event. “This donation will be used in purchasing the educational software for elementary schools in the city and in supporting field learnings and camp activities for the kindergarten students.”Kucsera Gabriella from the Iváncsa City Public Foundation shared that the first half of the donation amount, which was given last year, was used in renovating public facilities such as ice rinks. She revealed that the donation this year will be used for various camps and activities for the citizens of all ages.

Molnár Tibor-Mayor of Iváncsa city

“It was a meaningful opportunity for me to discuss various agendas, including how to contribute to the local communities. I was deeply moved by SK On for understanding how the public foundations play a significant role in the lives of Iváncsa citizens, and for making the donation to the city. On behalf of citizens, I’d like to my give my sincere thanks to the company, and I will try to promote the cooperation between SK On and City Hall to a higher level.”


Zayzon Casba-President of Rivalda Music Foundation

“Rivalda Music Foundation operates an ensemble made up of Iváncsa citizens and has been conducting performances for the citizens. As one of the beneficiaries of SK On’s donation, we were able to bring higher quality performance to the audience this year, and the participants also shared that they enjoyed great and happy memories. On behalf of the four foundations, I would like to express my gratitude to SK On for making the meaningful decision to support the local communities.”


Moon Hangki-CEO of SK On Hungary

“The donation delivered in the last two years is meaningful because it is a cornerstone for SK On to grow together with Iváncsa. I will continue to make sure that the small and large inconveniences that may arise following the construction of large factories in the city will be minimized and addressed, and I hope that our support has made a small but significant contribution to lives of the Iváncsa citizens.”

As Hungary is a major EV battery production hub in Europe, in January last year, SK On decided to construct a new EV battery plant in Iváncsa, following two other factories in Komárom. The company broke ground on the Iváncsa plant in the first half of 2021 and expects to complete the construction by the end of 2023. Once the facility starts operating, it will be the largest EV battery plant among the ones SK On has invested in Hungary with an expected annual capacity of 30GWh*.

SK On’s social contribution activities are not exclusive to Iváncsa alone. Local members in Komárom, where the first and second EV battery plants in Hungary of the company are located, have been volunteering in multiple activities to build a better community in the area. With such efforts, SK On Hungary was honored to receive the “State Representative Enterprise Award” from Komárom-Esztergom County for its contribution to the local community, in September last year.

▲ A Komárom-Esztergom Megyei Közgyűlés által az SK On Hungary részére 2021 szeptemberében adományozott „Stratégiailag Kiemelkedő Fontosságú Nagyvállalat” cím a társaság helyi közösséghez történő hozzájárulásának elismeréseként

SK On will continue to seek opportunities and take action to create not only economic but also social values at all business sites of the company across the globe.