We are delighted to present the second edition of SK On Hungary Magazine. Similar to our inaugural edition, this magazine has been curated by selecting key news from the Newsletters sent to our members each month. Through this Magazine, we aim to share the journey and growth of SK On and the SK On Hungary over the past year with all of you.

Over the past year, SK On has been able to achieve significant accomplishments last year, based on the support and collaboration of our members and your endorsement. Despite the ongoing uncertainties in the economic and political landscape, such as high interest rates and supply chain restructuring, SK On has firmly established its leading position in the EV battery industry. Additionally, Komarom Plant 1, 2 of SK On Hungary have maintained stable yields, while leveraging the expertise acquired in the field to provide full support to the Ivancsa Plant 3. As a result, the Plant 3 is smoothly progressing towards its goal of commencing production in the first quarter of this year.

We hope you can witness the collective achievements of the past year on the pages of this magazine, and we sincerely ask for your continued support in SK On’s journey and growth ahead. New Year’s greetings are quite belated. I wish peace and prosperity to you and your families throughout 2024.


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