2021. December 21.

SK On Hungary Kft.(Formerly SK Battery Hungary) has entered into a contract for the implementation of the noise reduction action plan approved by the Komarom-Esztergom County Government Office.

The SK On Hungary Komarom plant is subject to the environmental use permit clause ‘284/2007 (X.29.)’, an action plan for noise reduction was established, and approval was obtained from the competent authority on 12 October 2021. As a result, the SK On Hungary Komarom plant is expected to be able to minimize noise damage to local residents living near the plant.

The plan prepared with the involvement of noise protection experts includes the construction of noise shielding screens and protection walls in both Komárom plants, which will effectively reduce the noise emission values ​​of the plants producing batteries for electric vehicles.

The works in the two phases, implemented by Andus Hungary Kft., will start in the first quarter of 2022 and be completed in the beginning of 2023. SK On Hungary will regularly inform the competent authorities and local residents about the works.