2021. November 18.

From November 16, 2021, after the change registeration in the court, the name of SK Battery Hungary Kft. has been modified to SK On Hungary Kft. This change is due to the fact that SK Innovation, the parent company based in South Korea, established an independent new corporation through a spin-off of the battery business.

As of October 1, 2021, SK Innovation announced that it has confirmed SK on Co. Ltd as the new corporation name for the battery business. A company structure has been created that is better suited to the business potential of EV battery manufacturing and better for strengthening global competitiveness and market growth.

The decision also affected SK Battery Hungary Kft., the EV battery plant in Hungary, that was renamed SK On Hungary Kft. This also reflects the change of ownership structure, as the new owner of the Komárom plant became SK On Co. Ltd., which is 100% owned by SK Innovation.